A new and great opportunity came in the IT world.
LORA Technology is a LPWAN Protocol (Low Power Wide Area Network) that allows you to create a network of connected sensors at low power devices that allow LORA through the Gateway to access the network and send information.
Up there anything in particular, except that the scope of these devices (that work on different RF 868MHz free frequencies for Europe, for the US 915MHz and 433MHz for Asia) can be up to several kilometers.

This allows you to cover even very large urban area with a few gateways allowing very low infrastructure costs.
In a project developed by The Things Network, the city of Amsterdam it has been covered with a dozen gateway …
Gartner predicts that by 2020 there will be over 20 billion “Things” connected world, more and more of our appliances and devices will enable us to “send” information, the availability of “low cost” and “low power” technology is essential path for rapid development of the Internet of Things world.
SmartCityZen course, could not be there, we are already experiencing the integration of our platform with the SMART CITYZEN LORA technology and we can announce that very soon we will make available the first LORA Gateway in Brescia.
We are carrying out the first transmit and receive tests to design a complete coverage LORA Network for the urban area of ​​Brescia.
More news soon …

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