The Project

Home automation functions of management of the home and the world of the ‘Internet of Things offers today a scenario that presents a significant barrier to entry for most users due to the high costs of the tools and the installation of the same.

A new approach based on smart instruments and especially Low-Cost is critical to a widespread distribution in the territory.

European citizens must also become part of a virtuous cycle of awareness of its impact in terms of consumption and resource utilization based on his everyday life and his home.

The SmartCityZen plan would make it possible for citizens to implement in their own home a number of sensors and actuators that can make things easier for everyday life but also to provide information on the use that he makes of energy resources, the quality of environmental parameters world around him, and they do become part of a Smart Citizen Network (through Internet technologies) by sharing your data with other users and the public administration.

The project is based on a series of devices and services related to them and operates essentially in 3 areas:

  • Detectors of environmental parameters and energy consumption
  • Low-Cost actuators for automation functions
  • A web service Social sharing their findings in order to create a Smart Citizen Web Network

The project is based on the specific capabilities of the Arduino (Open Source Hardware world) in the creation of interconnected devices, low cost, able to carry out checks, perform temperature measurements, pollution.

The system consists of a SmartCityzen Station connected with a series of sensors and actuators placed in the home to communicate with the station and make it available and configurable data via the Internet or SmartPhone.

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